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ODA devel­ops feel good brand­ing’ for ekko to help tack­le cli­mate change

Lon­don-based brand­ing agency ODA has devel­oped the design and visu­al iden­ti­ty for ekko, a new UK fin­tech app that works with Mas­ter­card to turn the tide on cli­mate change.

Using the ekko deb­it card, every 5 trans­ac­tions a cus­tomer makes will pay for one plas­tic bot­tle being col­lect­ed before it enters our oceans and every 50 trans­ac­tions will pay for a tree to be plant­ed by the customer.

The name ekko was cho­sen for the dual­i­ty of the con­cept and the pos­i­tive impact of every-day transactions.

The brand idea is sim­ple: every trans­ac­tion has a pos­i­tive reac­tion. This became the dri­ver of the brand name and iden­ti­ty. Above all we want­ed to cre­ate a brand iden­ti­ty that would become a talk­ing point when a cus­tomer pulls the card of their wal­let. It’s about mak­ing change effort­less. It’s absolute­ly not about guilt­ing peo­ple into tak­ing action.” says Sarah West­wood, strat­e­gy part­ner at ODA.

The aim was to design feel good brand­ing’ that would be the antithe­sis of the online bank minimalism.

Peo­ple are eas­i­ly switched off brands if they feel too green and wor­thy. This brand is joy­ful and doesn’t take itself too seri­ous­ly. We were inspired by the bright and friend­ly peace and love ide­al­ism of the 60s and 70s and the idea of send­ing pos­i­tive vibes out into the world.” says ODA cre­ative direc­tor, Grant Willis.

The round­ed and low­er­case logo is dig­i­tal friend­ly and encom­pass­es the idea of the brand in the way it echoes out from the dou­ble k’s. The vibrant colour palette aims to bring ener­gy and joy, work­ing well as a sequence of colours in the ekko pat­tern. The use of ema­nat­ing echo lines on hero state­ments adds a sense of dynamism mak­ing the brand expe­ri­ence cohe­sive across oth­er media and channels.

ODA set out to cre­ate a dis­tinc­tive per­son­al­i­ty with tongue-in-cheek state­ments like Ker­mit was wrong. It is easy being green.” The tone aims to be effi­cient and effort­less but with some lit­tle nods to the peace and love’ vibe of the 60s, with the odd sign off like right on’ or dig it?’.

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23 April, 2021 | Elet­tra Scrivo