Driving brand-led value innovation

With costs ris­ing, brands must offer real val­ue not just discounts.

We helped Avan­ti West Coast turn this chal­lenge into a chance to rede­fine trav­el afford­abil­i­ty, rein­force the brand promise of feel-good and ulti­mate­ly fuel growth.


Our goal was to ampli­fy the Avan­ti West Coast brand, fill emp­ty seats and attract peo­ple who could be flex­i­ble with their jour­neys, but for whom cost was a bar­ri­er to train travel.

We con­duct­ed research with non-rail users to ful­ly under­stood their needs. We learned that train tick­et pur­chas­ing is com­plex, leav­ing peo­ple unsure if they’re get­ting a good deal. Work­ing with Avan­ti West Coast, we stream­lined the pur­chas­ing process and intro­duced clear, fixed pric­ing for an empow­er­ing cus­tomer experience.

To gain trac­tion at launch, we zeroed in on a demo­graph­ic that val­ues trans­paren­cy and fair­ness: stu­dents. They’re savvy, bud­get-con­scious, and have the abil­i­ty to be flex­i­ble with their travel.


Intro­duc­ing the inno­v­a­tive low-cost Avan­ti Super­fare – a name that bold­ly declares its intent. Super trans­par­ent, super sim­ple, and super fair. Impor­tant­ly, it’s the embod­i­ment of Avan­ti West Coast’s feel-good trav­el promise, offer­ing a jour­ney that’s not only smart and fast, but also a bet­ter expe­ri­ence – a true alter­na­tive to coach travel.

Super­fare’s visu­al iden­ti­ty bor­rows from the Avan­ti West Coast DNA but keeps things sim­ple and upbeat, with a punch of fresh feel-good ener­gy, colour and imagery. It’s not just part of Avan­ti West Coast; it’s the brand at its most relaxed and fun. And, after great col­lab­o­ra­tion, the brand was bril­liant­ly tak­en on by the in-house cre­ative team at Avan­ti West Coast. 


As of launch, 10,000+ cus­tomers chose Super­fare for trips to key UK cities, with two-thirds new to rail. It’s not just a fare, it’s a move­ment and this is just the begin­ning. We’ve got lots more ideas in the pipeline.

Our #Brand­ing­Means­Busi­ness approach focus­es on solv­ing busi­ness chal­lenges through brand-dri­ven solu­tions. We ensure every prod­uct and ser­vice aligns with your ambi­tions, and is led by the brand’s essence to craft a val­ue propo­si­tion that cus­tomers love and that dri­ves the whole busi­ness forward.

For the full suc­cess sto­ry of Avan­ti West Coast’s Super­fare or to explore what Brand­ing Means Busi­ness can do for your brand, reach out to us, we’d love to chat.