Bruce's rebrand featured in Logo Designer

ODA Cre­ates New Logo and Iden­ti­ty for Bruce’s Dog­gy Day Care

Brand­ing agency ODA has rebrand­ed Bruce’s Dog­gy Day Care to Bruce’s com­plete with a new logo and iden­ti­ty designed to appeal to mod­ern pet owners.

Orig­i­nal­ly found­ed in 2008, Bruce’s Dog­gy Day Care is cur­rent­ly aim­ing to become the UK’s lead­ing nation­al dog day-care brand; the dog­gy day care mar­ket in Britain is said to be worth £1.3bn – and growing.

The new brand need­ed to con­fi­dent­ly dis­tin­guish Bruce’s as a breed apart from local cen­tres and dog walk­ers and estab­lish it as the cat­e­go­ry-defin­ing brand expe­ri­ence,” says the agency.

In the trend towards human­i­sa­tion and strong bond between pet par­ents and their dogs, hap­pi­ness is a major con­sid­er­a­tion. Our new brand propo­si­tion: unleash­ing hap­pi­ness and enrich­ing dogs’ lives’ takes the Bruce’s brand beyond the func­tion­al need of day-care and into the more emo­tive world of enrich­ment,” fur­ther explains ODA’s cre­ative strate­gist, Sarah Westwood.

ODA start­ed by strip­ping the name back to just the word Bruce’s, which is claimed to make the brand more con­fi­dent and definitive”.

The orig­i­nal brand in blue and white felt func­tion­al and clin­i­cal,” com­ments ODA cre­ative direc­tor, Grant Willis. We were keen to move the iden­ti­ty on to some­thing that felt more emo­tion­al: nat­ur­al, warmer, pos­i­tive and uplift­ing. The new iden­ti­ty is also designed for dig­i­tal as we iden­ti­fied that the app was a dis­tinc­tive asset and some­thing pet par­ents loved.”

ODA’s aim was to cre­ate an iden­ti­ty that would not only be instant­ly recog­nis­able but would also act as an emo­tion­al short­hand for the brand.

The logo is formed from the shape of the Bruce’s B and car­ries its dis­tinc­tive mark­ings, embody­ing the dis­tinc­tive hap­py expres­sion of a Bruce’s dog’,” says ODA’s design team.

We cre­at­ed a fam­i­ly of dogs of dif­fer­ent sizes and pos­es based on the icon­ic Bruce’s logo­type to bring to life the hap­py social groups at Bruce’s and com­mu­ni­cate the core themes of enrich­ment and social­i­sa­tion,” adds Willis.

The accom­pa­ny­ing typog­ra­phy is always left aligned to match the logo, while the new pri­ma­ry palette is described as warm, pos­i­tive and uplift­ing”, hav­ing been influ­enced by the nat­ur­al world of clear skies and green fields”.

Anoth­er key ele­ment of the new brand iden­ti­ty is a more play­ful tone of voice that delib­er­ate­ly steers away from the didactic”.

We defined a more play­ful and fun per­son­al­i­ty and bal­anced it with real exper­tise. Dogs are fun and copy need­ed to reflect that. We intro­duced sim­ple dog-direct­ed lan­guage to make calls to action more light-heart­ed,” says Westwood.